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Big Data and Cloud Computing by Luke Lonergan

Big DataHow many times have you heard that things like Security, Mobility, Big Data and Cloud Computing are changing the way the Healthcare industry works? Maybe hundreds of times, which can make you realize that these latest technologies are critical. The technologies are present everywhere and ushering in new possibilities for doctors, patients, researchers, and hospitals. Big Data is one of these technologies that are going to take an extraordinary place shortly. Though it has already proved its worth in different ways, many feel that the full potential of this technology is yet to be tapped.

The human face of Big Data’s role in the field of healthcare should be considered when discussing this technology. The benefits provided by Big Data go straight to the people. The creation and the collection of data involve massive volumes of information which are only going to increase further with the help of the Internet. Healthcare providers will be able to understand better the illnesses that affect the patients by analyzing this vast amount of data.

How well can the information explosion faced by the industry from this enormous volume of data can properly be exploited so that efficiency can be increased, healthcare can be improved, and costs can be reduced? To exploit the full potential of the data made available by Big Data, the healthcare industry has to take care of the following things.

  1.  Filtration of data from various sources – the collection of data is carried out by highly diverse groups which make it tough to filter the enormous volume of data to get the correct information. Employers, payers, healthcare providers, wellness centers and programs, patients, disease-management agencies all collect data in their way. Bringing all these sets of data together, linking them and then extracting the required information can be a great help to the healthcare industry.
  2.  The quality of data – The effectiveness of the relevant information depends on the quality of the data that is obtained. The source of the data has to be accurate also. The desire to collect data becomes stronger as more and more data is collected with the help of devices, apps, electronic records of health and other means such as wearable and mHealth sensors. It should also keep in mind the quality of the data collected depends upon the quality of the source.
  3.  The value of data depends on its effectiveness – Collecting data for the sake of information only has no meaning. Data can be good only when it is analyzed, and the analysis provides the correct insight. Data is used to predict the things that are about to happen and take precautions to prevent them happening to the patient. The insights provided by high quality data can be used for the early detection, optimization of procedures for treatment and focusing on the areas that can increase the quantum of efficiency and bring an improvement in healthcare.

There can be no doubt the power of Big Data has enormous promise and can transform the healthcare industry entirely. It is important to apply your intellect and understand the information given by Big Data to find out the latest trends and the requirements of individual patients.

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Luke Lonergan earned a Bachelor of Education degree in Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering and Materials Engineering from Vanderbilt University. Luke Lonergan has an MS in Computational Fluid Dynamics as well as in Aeronautics and Astronautics from Stanford University. Mr. Lonergan is interested in Space Exploration, Propulsion Systems, Music, Art, Architecture, SciFi, Artificial Intelligence, Fuel Cells, and plenty more.

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