Cloud Computing Shaping the IT Industry – Luke Lonergan

cloud computingAs you know already, the traditional method of building an IT environment is a long and costly process which includes the purchase of servers, hardware, license, and many infrastructure demands. This situation has changed now and the method has been replaced by newer technologies. Currently, cloud computing is making a major shift in the IT industry, says Luke Lonergan.

There are different ways to virtualize IT systems and to access the application on the internet whenever required. Hence, the cost of IT has been reduced for hardware and servers. If you want to know exactly how is cloud computing shaping the IT industry, then the below information will help you to understand how the software developers are getting adjusted to the cloud computing technology and how the IT industry is affected by this technology.

There is a remarkable change in the IT infrastructure due to the movement of application to private and public clouds. It is necessary for the software developers to understand the method of creating and delivering the applications.

➤ Cloud computing helps to reduce the need of IT support staffs and also reduces the cost of desktop support. Training of employees is required for the purpose of understanding the new systems and applications.

➤ The effort of maintaining the data is also reduced. At all times, moving the data to the cloud can be safer than it is being in-house.

➤ Traditional IT jobs have changed. Hence, it becomes necessary for the IT staffs to understand the benefits of cloud computing and how to incorporate it in the current business model.

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