Update on Transformation: Cloud Computing by Luke Lonergan

Cloud Computing by Luke Lonergan

cloud computingWith the fast changing pace of cloud technology, what will the future bring for this advancement? Here are a few trends to watch out for when it comes to cloud computing.

Cloud Computing Will Increase in Popularity Even More So Than Before

This type of technology is clearly not a fad. In fact, it will grow even more popular than ever. Computing via cloud will also experience greater benefits than it ever has in the past years.

At present, almost half of the companies already utilize various cloud-based applications. More than 10% already planned to expand their use of the cloud significantly. When converted in dollars, the company growth will be even more interesting to look at. In 2008, estimated revenue for cloud services was about 46.4 million. In about five years, it is expected to reach about $150,000,000; a significant leap of about 225%. Cloud computing will surely be the most preferred technological feature for work in companies around the world.

Mobile Cloud Computing Is the Future

With this significant emergence of various mobile devices, it would not be a surprise if cloud computing also becomes mobile. This will allow various employees to carry their work with them and not be tied to desk all the day. This is certainly for dedicated workers who are always on the go.

The flexibility afforded by cloud-based applications is one of the benefits by the mobile workforce can have. Instead of stopping by the office to log on to a computer, all they have to do would be to log onto the cloud application with their mobile devices to go to work on a regular basis.

A lot more companies are realizing the benefits of using mobile compatible applications with cloud for business management. In fact, they say that business functionality will work for handheld devices mostly in the years to come.

Global Expansion for Cloud

According to business experts, cloud applications will become even more global than ever before. Presently, it has already achieved significant global status. However, it is predicted that it will become even more accessible globally in terms of interactivity and inter-organizational communication. Practically speaking, this entails smoother business and financial operations across multi-language interfaces within the country and beyond.

The future is certainly unknown, but because of the constant evolution of technology, cloud computing will certainly thrive and continue on affecting various business platforms across the globe.

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Luke Lonergan is the co-founder and CTO of Greenplum and an expert in Cloud Computing and Big Data. Watch below video for knowing more about Luke Lonergan

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